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Mike Wisniewski, Owner of Mike’s Renovations, realized very early on that he has the passion, precision, patience, and creative eye that is needed to be successful in the general construction industry. It’s what separates him from everyone else in the business today. Running this business isn’t just about making money – Mike truly loves his work, and measures his success by the happiness of his clients. Starting with stucco in 2001, he has worked on a multitude of residential and commercial buildings. Mike has since worked with several top home builders where he has been able to expand his repertoire to include end-to-end aspects of the building industry. More importantly, he realized that there is an increasing trend for general contracting to become more standardized in an attempt to redefine “customization” to mean “pick from A, B, or C”. That is not how creating a dream home should work – dreams aren’t limited to A, B, or C. When you invite Mike to come to your home to provide a free estimate, he’ll show you that your vision can be made a reality – it’s not confined to picking out change from a lineup.